From the rare occasion
To celebrating the everyday

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Voice


Champagne has always been perceived as a luxury item, only savoured on the most special occasions. Although traditional media campaigns have tried to shift convention, there is still little awareness around what Champagne is and its versatility for consuming in everyday life.

Our challenge was to help younger audiences see Champagne as attainable and enjoy it more regularly.


Perceived to have a premium price tag and rather extravagant status, Champagne is often left outside a Millennial’s world. We helped Moët Hennessy change this attitude and start new conversations that inspire our audience to celebrate everyday moments.

With over 30 million millennials using voice monthly, we created Bottles & Bubbles - an entertaining, educational and interactive voice assistant on Amazon's Alexa. It provides food pairings, tips on how to host the perfect get together and even suggests reasons for celebrating in the first place – perfect if you’re stuck for an excuse to crack open a bottle of bubbly. By giving people more ideas for champagne-inspired experiences, we help change this outdated perception of the drink and urge them to add a splash of Champagne sparkle to their everyday lives.


Since launch, there have been 26.4k users enter the experience. Our audience have grown increasingly engaged with the experience, with returning users spending an average of 2 minutes and 14 seconds (+197.8% on first time usage) engaging with Bottles & Bubbles content.

99.9% of a user's requests to the experience were successfully understood and handled: this was a significant over index on industry standard, wherein voice experiences are quality assured to 90.0%.

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