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Campaign marketing doesn’t satisfy the appetite of fans hungry for the content they want, when they want it. In today’s interactive environment, static content doesn’t carry the same emotional engagement.

We wanted to create a conversational tool that would give fans the instant gratification they crave and bring them even closer to the stories they love.


We created Aeden - a virtual AI host from Westworld. Simply by asking Aeden, fans were able to understand the story’s nuances and discover hidden details - making them feel part of the show, rather than an outsider looking in.

We worked with HBO and the series’ creators to script Aeden, with responses to over 1,100 questions from users. Aeden grew smarter as the series went on, evolving week over week. The team monitored fan sentiment, theories and inquiries, programing Aeden with provocative answers to address the most burning questions. All of which helped the show’s writers understand what the fans really wanted to see.


The bot attracted 1 million fans and won an Emmy Award for 'Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media Within a Scripted Program'. Westworld went on to become the most successful Season 1 show in HBO history.

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