Changing behaviours with Chevrolet

  • Facebook Messenger


Chevrolet’s brand purpose of ‘Find new roads’ reached a stop sign when shared through traditional advertising channels. Resolutions are universally made and broken. Millions of people around the world make a promise to themselves and the vast majority don’t stick to it.

What if there was a smarter way for a brand like Chevrolet to help people make every mile of their life count?


We created Co-Driver - a chat experience on Facebook that helped people stay motivated through daily practical advice from experts and personal messages of celebration.


Instead of just watching a campaign happen, this turned fans into active participants, gaining value and inspiration from the brand voice. More than 825K fans engaged with the bot, gathering 5 million interactions in total. Most importantly, we helped 26% fulfil their resolutions.

825k Fans engaged with the bot
5M Interactions in total
26% Fulfilled their resolutions